Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology MidCities, North Texas

About Oral Pathology

The health of the mouth is important to a person’s overall health, which is why professional and home oral exams are so important. Everyone should have an annual oral exam by their dentist to look for signs and symptoms of disease, but they should also check their own mouth once a month for any abnormalities. Any cysts, lesions, or tumors should be examined and diagnosed quickly for a greater chance at a successful recovery. Any suspicious tissue in the mouth may need a biopsy to provide more information on the condition, which will also help determine the best treatment plan. Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) Dr. Christopher King performs oral pathology procedures at MidCities Oral Surgery, including biopsies and treatment for cysts, lesions, and tumors. Patients should schedule an appointment with Dr. King as soon as possible if they or their general dentist have any concerns about signs and symptoms of oral cancer.

Best Candidates

There are many factors that increase a patient’s odds of developing cancer, including excessive alcohol intake, using tobacco products, developing HPV (human papilloma virus), poor oral hygiene, and more. Patients should talk to their doctor if they notice any abnormalities with the teeth, gums, jaw, and throat. Early detection is important for more treatment options and a better chance at recovery.

Before Surgery

An appointment with an OMS for an oral exam should be scheduled immediately if the patient sees any of the following signs:

  • A lump or mass in the neck
  • A mouth sore that is not healing or bleeds easily
  • Any abnormal lumps or thickness
  • Chronic hoarseness or sore throat
  • Red patches in the mouth
  • Trouble chewing or swallowing
  • White patches in the mouth

During Surgery

If Dr. King finds anything suspicious during an oral exam, a biopsy can be performed to help identify any problems. With proper anesthesia, Dr. King will remove a small part of the suspicious area for closer examination. Using advanced tools and diagnostic equipment, Dr. King will determine if there is a problem. Once diagnosed, Dr. King will help the patient understand their condition and treatment options. A treatment plan will be created based on the patient’s needs.

After Surgery

Dr. King will provide after-treatment and recovery instructions depending on the treatment received by the patient. Patients should continue to have regular dental exams and cleanings at their dentist to check for any signs of disease. Dr. King will continue to help patients with any specific concerns or questions. A good home oral care routine, including brushing and flossing, will help decrease the risk of future problems.

Catch It Early

Almost 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with last-stage oral cancer every year. Oral cancer and other diseases of the mouth need to be identified early to give you more treatment options and a better chance for a successful recovery. If you are at higher risk for oral cancer or have noticed any symptoms in the mouth, schedule an appointment with board-certified OMS Dr. King at MidCities Oral Surgery for an exam and biopsy.